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Message from the CEO
With over one hundred years of history, Dunham-Bush is a major provider of comfort, process and industrial cooling worldwide.
Our continuous growth throughout the years is the product of lessons learned, synergies developed, and investment in highly talented individuals and technology.
In 1960’s, Dunham-Bush was the first company to develop and use screw compressor technology for air conditioning and refrigeration. As a major brand, we are proud of our reputation amongst industry experts as a “pioneer in screw compressor technology”.
We have a clear global vision based on growing our global footprint in all major markets and segments in our industry.
We believe that we can achieve our objective through a clear strategic path by:
• Improving our technology through dedicated R&D efforts,
• Improving our brand name recognition,
• Offering green solutions,
• Offering energy efficient products,
• Expanding points of sale,
• Leveraging dealer strength,
• Enhancing our quality and
• Reducing our cost to remain competitive.
In summary, we aim to excel in everything we do with talented, self-motivated individuals who are well aware of our common objective.
Max Ghiassian
CEO, Dunham-Bush
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