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Today and Beyond The tradition of innovative thinking continues.
2013 New compressor R&D center was founded in UK to engage in high tiercompressor technology.
2008 Dunham-Bush launched its new logo to match its new global brand & business strategy.
1998 Dunham-Bush built the factory in Kajang, Malaysia. Later built Global Headquarters there in 2000.
1996 Hartford Compressors Incorporated was built in USA.
1995 Dunham-Bush Yantai Co. Ltd. was jointly built by Dunham-Bush Group and Yantai Moon Group.
1967 Patented the technology to use a screw compressor for refrigeration/cooling.
1965 Developed the first centrifugal chiller.
1956 Engaged in the research, development and production of high standard products.
1948 The factory in West Hartford,Connecticut, USA was built.
1935 Factory in Morden, Great Britain was built to produce heating products.
1930 Manufactured the first air cooled air conditioner.
1924 Developed the first reciprocating compressor.
1906 The second Dunham-Bush company was built.
1904 Developed the first air compressor system.
1894 Built in USA as a professional manufacturer of HVACR equipments.
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