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Dunham-Bush Limited was established in Hartford, Connecticut in 1894. With over 120 years of development, the company has become a professional manufacturer of heating, ventilating & air- conditioning units, industrial refrigeration equipment and liquid-cooled chillers, as well as the integrated control of related product systems. In 1960s, the company revolutionarily introduced the screw technology for air conditioning systems. Featuring high efficiency and reliability, Dunham-Bush compressors are unparallel in the industry. The company enjoys a total of 48 world patents including the full closed screw compressor technology, ranking at the top of screw compressor technology worldwide.

In addition, the design, manufacture and service network of Dunham-Bush has covered 56 countries covering areas in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. Now Dunham-Bush has become one of the largest HVAC and refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the world.

In 1995, Dunham-Bush (China) set up the R&D center and manufacturing plant in Yantai. The product line of Dunham-Bush Yantai Co Ltd. covers compressor, large water-cooled chiller, heat pump chiller, air heat exchangers, compact commercial air conditioning unit, low temperature refrigeration systems, cooling tower, etc. Dunham-Bush’s quick and convenient pre-sale technical support and after sales service network cover 46 major cities and areas in China.

With the technical accumulation and manufacturing experience in the 120 years, Dunham-Bush (China) will keep innovating and improving the technologies and provide customers the most reliable and stable air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and energy saving and environmental plant room solutions.


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