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Dunham-Bush compiles standard for nuclear power plant refrigeration equipment

pub_date:2013-07-04  Click:3072
In recent years, China’s nuclear power industry got rapid development with the adjustment of China’s energy structure policy. The localization of nuclear power equipment greatly pulled the domestic demand and played an important role in promoting the development of China’s economy. The refrigeration equipment is very important for the industry. To standardize and improve the design and manufacturing of the refrigerating machine for nuclear power plant, National Energy Administration decided to compile the standard for nuclear power plant refrigeration equipment in late 2012. The chief editors of the Standard include China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute. As the major refrigeration equipment supplier for nuclear power plants in China, Dunham-Bush is well recognized in the industry and is also invited to co-compile the Standard.

With the joint efforts in more than half a year, the draft of the Nuclear Power Standard-Refrigeration Equipment was completed. July 9, editors from all over the country came to Dunham-Bush Yantai Co., Ltd. to attend the 2-day session on the completion of the Standard and confirmed the exposure draft of the Standard. The Standard will be appraised and published in late 2013. It will provide a guiding direction for domestic refrigeration equipment suppliers for nuclear power plants in China. And it will standardize the design and manufacturing of nuclear power refrigeration equipment. And it also lays a solid foundation for Dunham-Bush to participate in the nuclear power projects.

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